Transforming Conflict


Transforming Conflict
Conflict Transformation

Conflict is an inevitable part of our lives

Instead of enduring painful aspects of your relationships and interactions with others where you are often unheard, equip yourself with the means of safely navigating conflict towards an outcome that is beneficial to all

If you are tired of looking for punitive ways of having your pain and conflict recognised, and where punishment and suffering inevitably continue, restorative tools and guided facilitation can support you to move towards cooperative win-win outcomes for everyone

  • “It may feel uncomfortable being asked to choose how much money you give me - some people find it easier to pay a fixed price. I offer a scale in acknowledgment that people have very different financial circumstances.
  • I would like Focusing sessions to be affordable for everyone, so I ask you to hold and consider both yourself and me with care when you choose what to give me.
  • For transparency, I work part time as an administrator and media management for some NVC colleagues.
  • I do not have any dependents. Offering these Focusing services contributes to my livelihood and is taxable income.
  • If you are able to afford the high end of the scale, please know you that are also supporting others who need to pay less. And if you can give only at the lower end, please trust that you are allowing me and others to give to you that meets a deep need for giving and contributing.”

Please contact me if you would like to choose another amount that you feel is more affordable than the set price.

Session Costs

Course Duration Price Registration
Transforming Conflict 1 Hour £ 50 Register Now