1. What is Focusing?
Focusing is a natural way of being with and listening to our bodily experiencing, to connect with our deeper wisdom.

2. Who is Focusing for?
It nourishes personal growth and is widely used in all kinds of therapeutic work.
Focusing has been used by activists for self-care, and in conflict resolution, and enhances creativity.
Focusing has been used in business settings, with children, as a bio-spiritual practice and in different communities around the world.

3. How does Focusing work?
Focusing is a wonderful self-care practice.
It supports us to develop a compassionate way of listening to our bodily felt experience.
It creates a safe, non-judgemental “being with” our own experiences that enables forward movement and change.

4. What happens during Focusing sessions?
During a one to one session you will be guided by a skilled and experienced Focusing teacher to explore whatever is alive in you.
As you begin to experience the power and joy of Focusing you will be supported and accompanied as you enter the richness of your bodily felt experience.

5. Can I learn Focusing online?
Yes, Focusing can keep a strong connection with others using mediums like the virtual platform of Zoom.
In person gatherings, trainings and practice may also resume at a later time once Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

6. How can I use Focusing in my life?
You are also welcome to ask questions about how you can apply Focusing after the session.