About Me


Focusing for Life

My background in Focusing

I discovered Focusing in 2017 and found it was so much more than a way to deal with past trauma and feeling stuck and trapped in life. It helped free me from unrewarding work that left me feeling empty, and guided me towards work that is nourishing and in service of life and my needs.


  • 2018 Focusing Foundation Certificate with K2
  • 2019 Course with Beatrice Blake - Generating a Culture of Peace: How Nonviolent Communication and Focusing enhance each other
  • 2020 Practitioner Course with Kay Hoffman
  • 2020 Course with Nada Lou - Think Different. Based on Eugene Gendlin's complimentary practice of Thinking At The Edge
  • I am a Certified Focusing Practitioner with the BFA and a Certified Focusing Trainer with the IFI
  • I Teach Focusing and have regular practice and coaching Focusing sessions
  • I host a regular London Focusing Peer Practice Group